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Neil Payne
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Neil "NP" Payne of RockChalk Pictures, originally hails from the great state of Kansas. In 2008, Payne completed his MFA in Film Production at Chapman University.

Since graduating, he has directed music videos and commercials to expand his craft as a Director.  As a Director, Payne strongly believes in collaborating with talented artists, bringing to life visual concepts and thought-provoking ideas that inspire and challenge him.  Payne has worked with numerous passionate professionals he can call upon for any given project.

Over the years, Payne has developed a versatile visual style which often deals with subtle manipulation of light and colors to reinforce the story and substance of his projects. Payne uses the newest technology available to advance his filmmaking process.  With all his past experiences in the short medium, he is currently in preparations for his soccer spot “Girl Power”.



~ Best in Music Video ~​

“Creep" Music Video

Indie Short Film Competition


​~ Best in Music Video ~​

“Arcadia” Music Video

Indie Short Film Competition

~ Honorable Mention ~​

“Arcadia” Music Video​​​

Los Angeles Reel Film Festival​


​~ Best Director (Music Video) ~​

“Arcadia” Music Video

First Glance Film Festival Hollywood

​~ Silver Ace Award ~​

“Arcadia” Music Video

Las Vegas Film Festival


​~ Best Commercial ~​

Reebok “Face Off”

California Int’l Shorts Festival


​~ Best Commercial ~​

Nike “Hold That Bus”

California Int’l Shorts Festival

~ 1st Place Audience Award ~​

Golf “PGA Directions”

All Sports Los Angeles Film

​~ 3rd Place Commercial ~​

Nike “The Duel”

All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival



~Best Commercial~

John Varvatos "For Him"

California Int’l Shorts Festival


Official Selection

​~ 2010 Dances with Films ~​

“Arcadia” Music Video

​~ 2011 Hollyshorts Film Festival ~​

Nike "Hold That Bus"

​Reebok "Face Off"

                        ~ 2013 Hollyshorts Film Festival~

                                     "Stella Artois" 

                       ~2013 International Ficts Fest~

                                        "The Duel"                                                ~2014 Hollyshorts Film Festval~                                  "John Varvatos Spot"

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